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🎉 Vote for the Quantexa Community at CMX awards 🚀

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Quantexa Community,

It's been an incredible journey, and we're thrilled to announce that we are in the running for the prestigious CMX Awards as the "Best Newcomer Community" & "Best Executive Leader of a Community Team"!

Why We Stand Out 🌟

✍️Over 20,000 posts, take a look back through your discussions

📚Over 200 articles published in the Community Library

💡Over 100 Ideas submitted to the Ideas Portal

👋 Over 1900 Community members and over 220 members in our Solution and Industry focused Specialist User Groups

🚀 Launch Anniversary: This year marks a significant milestone for us! In just 12 months, we've grown into a vibrant hub of collaboration, support, and expertise.

🌐 Diverse Perspectives: Our Community is a collection of expert voices, bringing together Quantexa users across different solutions, industries, and experiences. We celebrate the richness that each member adds to our growing knowledge base.

Why CMX Awards? 🏆

The CMX Awards recognize communities that excel in fostering engagement, inclusivity, and innovation. We believe Quantexa Community embodies these principles, and your support can help us secure the title of "Best Newcomer Community" & "Best Executive Leader of a Community Team"!

How You Can Help📣

It takes less than two minutes, simply click this link and scroll down to the 'Best New Community' & 'Best Executive Leader of a Community Team' to place your votes:

Thank you for being a part of our Community journey.

New to the Community? Check out our welcome post for helpful tips 😊

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