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The Quantexa Community is an online platform where you can connect with other Quantexa users to share best practices, knowledge and insights.

Whether you're a developer looking to share knowledge, a customer or partner who'd like to shape the future of Quantexa's products & services, or a tech enthusiast who'd like to learn more, Quantexa Community can provide support along every step of your journey.

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  • Norah_Alsudani
    Norah_Alsudani Posts: 197 QUANTEXA TEAM
    edited November 2022

    Hi! Introduce yourself by answering these questions in the comments below. I'll start!

    -Current role: Hi I'm Norah, I am the Head of Community at Quantexa

    -Where you're currently based: Recently moved from London to Hove 🌊

    -Background in Tech: During my time at Accenture and Deloitte I worked on digital transformation projects and have since worked on various Community initiatives for software companies. I now lead Community Strategy for Quantexa

    -Why you joined the Quantexa Community: Keen to hear from you all!

    New to the Community? Check out our welcome post for helpful tips 😊

    If you found this post helpful why not 'like' it below.

  • Chris_Harris
    Chris_Harris Posts: 10 QUANTEXA TEAM

    Hi, I am Chris, the VP of Customer Success at Quantexa!

    I live in the burbs in Wokingham, Berkshire (dreamy)

    I have worked across various companies starting with Accenture deploying primary care computer systems, I then worked at Microsoft for many years with highlights from working with the RAF, Leading the Olympics 2012 (where we got on the queens honours list) and launching the first O365 customer in Europe! I now look after Community, Customer Success, Solution Success and Education for Q.

    I am very keen to get our customers and partners collaborating more in real-time, creating a place for Quantexans to live and helping support people going on the Quantexa learning journey! I am here to support that.

  • Gabriele_Santoro
    Gabriele_Santoro Posts: 8 QUANTEXA TEAM
    edited October 2022

    -Current role: Hi! I'm Gab and I look after our Customer Success function 😎

    -Where you're currently based: I live in the lovely little town of Purley in Surrey with my wife and son.

    -Background in Tech: Over the last 20 years, I have held numerous positions in Account Management and Customer Success in the Tech space, from Experian to Provenir, and others. More recently, I spent 6 years at Featurespace building the Customer Success function.

    -Why you joined the Quantexa Community: Very keen to hear from colleagues, Customers and Partners alike on their experience using the Q Platform, as well as engaging with our staff!

    Gab Santoro


    Head of Customer Success - Quantexa

  • Dan_Pryer
    Dan_Pryer Posts: 1,663 QUANTEXA TEAM
    • Current role: Hey, I'm Dan and I'm one of the Academy Team Leads for the Quantexa Academy!
    • Where you're currently based: Like @Norah Alsudani , I also live in Hove by the sea 🌊 :smile:
    • Background in Tech: Quantexa is my first foray into Tech from a work perspective, but I've been a tech enthusiast since I first used a computer back in the 90's! I'm a tinkerer of computers with 10+ years of coding experience in several languages (Python, C++, Scala etc.).
    • Why you joined the Quantexa Community: I'm looking forward to using the Community as the one-stop-shop for helping out our Academy trainees as they make their way through the Quantexa Academy. I'll also no doubt be using it to find information when I need help with something myself! :smiley:

    Dan Pryer - Senior Data Engineer

    R&D - Decision Systems / Detection Packs

    Did my reply answer your question? Then why not mark it as having answered in the bottom right corner of my post! 😁

  • Lorena_Seco
    Lorena_Seco Posts: 183 QUANTEXA TEAM
    edited October 2022

    -Current role: Hi I'm Lorena, and I'm the Senior Community Manager at Quantexa!

    -Where you're currently based: London! Been here for four years, although I'm originally from Spain  :blush:

    -Background in Tech: During my career I've worked at several software companies. As a fun fact, I used to be a Community Manager under the leadership of @Norah Alsudani for a digital transformation company in London. Now we get to work together again in the Quantexa Community. 

    -Why you joined the Quantexa Community: Can't wait to hear all the great reasons in the comments! Don't be shy :) 

  • James_Parry
    James_Parry Posts: 107 QUANTEXA TEAM
    • Current role: I'm James, Senior Content Designer for Quantexa.
    • Where you're currently based: Near London, close to where they filmed that BBC series Inside Man recently if you've seen that.
    • Background in Tech: I previously worked at both John Lewis and Waitrose and The AA working on digital content, but this is the first role where I really feel like I've got into the technical detail and development with a product as sophisticated as this.
    • Why you joined the Quantexa Community: @Norah and @Lorena made me! (Only joking 🙂) Looking forward to hearing more from engaged customers just like you, more about their experiences of using the platform, so we can keep making the Community content and Documentation site better.
  • Claudia_Benet Aleixandre
    Claudia_Benet Aleixandre Posts: 1 QUANTEXA TEAM

    -Current role: Senior Marketing Operations Analyst

    -Where you're currently based: London

    -Background in Tech: Quantexa is my first Tech company!

    -Why you joined the Quantexa Community: Great initiative :)

  • Yuk San_Wang
    Yuk San_Wang Posts: 1 QUANTEXA TEAM
    • Current role: Associate Data Engineer
    • Where you're currently based: London
    • Background in Tech: I'm a fresh physics graduate who used to work with datasets harvested from particle simulations in Cherenkov water detectors or colliders using Python, now I work with records and financial data sources in Scala 😁. Quantexa is the first company which I've worked in so I'd say I've just stepped into the tech space.
    • Why you joined the Quantexa Community: It's a convenient all-in-one place where I can ask and answer questions and discover new ideas and topics. I'm also looking forward to collaborating and discussing topics with customers, colleagues and partners!
  • Stefan_Baditescu
    Stefan_Baditescu Posts: 117 QUANTEXA TEAM
    • Current role: Hey there! My name is Stefan, and I'm thrilled to be one of the Academy Team Leads for Q Academy! 😊
    • Where you're currently based: London ⁠— moved to the UK seven years ago, but I'm originally from Romania.
    • Background in Tech: My background in Tech is mostly theoretical, as this is my first job out of university. I studied Physics, where I got to work with Python and MATLAB — but, since joining Quantexa, I've learned so much more about the tech industry in general, as well as the unique aspects of our platform.
    • Why you joined the Quantexa Community: To support trainees as they go through our Academy, and of course, I also love that I can ask for help whenever I need it! 😄
  • R_Sivaramakrishnan
    R_Sivaramakrishnan Posts: 22 Enthusiast

    Great to join this Community

    R Sivaramakrishnan

  • Santiago_Cuenca
    Santiago_Cuenca Posts: 5 QUANTEXA TEAM
    • Current role: Hi! I'm Santiago, and I just started as an Associate in the Delivery team.
    • Where you're currently based: Málaga.
    • Background in Tech: This is my first technical job. However I did some coding in my undergrad and grad studies in math, as well as in personal projects.
    • Why you joined the Quantexa Community: To learn from and (hopefully) help my peers!

  • Kayla_Bushweiler
    Kayla_Bushweiler Posts: 139 QUANTEXA TEAM

    Hi all, I'm Kayla! Thought I'd properly introduce myself.

    -Current role: I'm a Lead Data Engineer in Quantexa's Delivery Department. Delivery supports proof of concept and implementation projects for our clients globally.

    -Where you're currently based: Boston, MA

    -Background in Tech: I went to university for physics and biomedicine but left the laboratory and went back to school a few years later to do a masters in data science. I interned at SAP as a software engineer in testing and realized I wanted to do something between the two, finding data engineering at Quantexa in summer 2019.

    -Why you joined the Quantexa Community: I love mentoring and helping people learn and grow — I also still have a lot to learn myself!

  • Phoebe_Bartlett
    Phoebe_Bartlett Posts: 103 QUANTEXA TEAM

    -Current role: Hi I'm Phoebe, I'm a Technical Lead.

    -Where you're currently based:  London

    -Background in Tech: 10+ years in software consultancy

    -Why you joined the Quantexa Community: Sharing is caring

  • Korosh
    Korosh Posts: 10 Rising Star

    Great to be here!

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