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FAQ: I tried to start my UI but some of the apps didn't start up / I got a UI error

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FAQ relevant for: all Academy versions

If your apps haven't started after executing the ./ script and waiting for a few minutes, the first thing to do would be to identify which of the apps didn't start. This can be done by executing the ./ script** which should give you an indication as to if one of the apps encountered an error and didn't start.

As we can see from the image above, in this example app-security hasn't started, and so the first place to look would be in the logs/ folder of the main repo, specifically the app-security.log file.

By opening this log file and scrolling down to where the error first appears and we have a stack trace, we can see that the issue has arrived due to a syntax error in our resolver config file:

This should be the general methodology when solving issues with apps not starting: go to the relevant logs file and scroll down until you find the start of the error log / stack trace, then use this to guide you to where the source of the error might be.

** Useful tip: type watch ./ instead of just ./, as this will periodically refresh the check-all script for you so you don't have to keep executing it manually to see when your UI is ready.

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