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Quantexa Technical Foundations Release 2, the First Community Grandmaster & June Highlights

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June Top Picks:

📢New Education Program Launch 🚀 | Quantexa Technical Foundations Release 2
Tips & Tricks for Managing Large and Complex Networks - Update for 2.5 & 2.6
Congratulations to our first Community Grandmaster 🥳

Latest from the Community Library:

📖 A Day in the Life of... a CEO
📖 Deploying Quantexa's Application tier on OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) - login required
📖 Entity Quality: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - login required
📖 An Introduction to Knowledge Graphs and qKnowledgeGraph
📖 Kafka Streaming Debugging and Troubleshooting - login required

Upcoming Events:

🗓️ 16th July:
🗓️ 19th July:

Specialist User Groups:

💸 FinCrime: Quantexa's SME newly released SME classifier - are you accurately identifying your SME customers?
💸 FinCrime: A Roadmap to Resilience: How Banks Can Leverage AI to Advance AML Capabilities
💸 FinCrime: How to Grow Your Correspondent Banking Business

New & Popular Ideas (login required):

💡Disable Transaction Explorer Summarized Results Edit option - New Idea
🚀Improve ability to understand source of information on entity-entity edges - Roadmap Consideration
🛠️DSL should output instances where a single node isn't expanded because of a configured limit- In Progress

Q&A (login required):

Setting up data viewer 
Multilingual facet selection resets when changing UI language 
Is it Possible to Visualize Network Generation Stage Output on Quantexa UI 

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