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📢 New Education Program Launch 🚀 | Quantexa Technical Foundations Release 2

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Education Services is delighted to announce Release 2 of our core technical eLearning Program Quantexa Technical Foundations

The Program is an entry point for users planning to work with our Platform in a technical capacity.

This group includes future Quantexa Data Engineers, Scoring Engineers, Platform Architects, Business Analysts, and Project Managers.

However, it is also an excellent resource for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the Platform’s capabilities and key technical concepts.

What’s new?

Release 2 has been redesigned to offer a more efficient learning experience, featuring:

  • A revised scope to reduce completion times,
  • New interactive content and quizzes,
  • Enhanced accessibility features, and
  • Update to Demo version: 2.5.2.

Program components:

  • Introduction to Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform
  • Quantexa Foundations: Core Concepts
  • Quantexa Foundations: Search
  • Quantexa Foundations: Investigations
  • Quantexa Foundations: ETL & Data Fusion
  • Quantexa Foundations: Scoring with Assess

What does the Release mean for Quantexa’s Customers and Partners?

  • The updated content and format will enable our Customers and Partners to complete the Program more quickly and with less effort (within 3-4 days), allowing them to swiftly progress to more advanced programs and Academies.
  • The Program has been redesigned to be more engaging and interactive, enhancing learning outcomes.
  • Adding new accessibility features and rewriting the content will make the experience more inclusive for international audiences.

When will the Program be available?

  • Release 2 will be available as of June 25 for all new learners enrolled directly into the Quantexa Technical Foundations Program.
  • The Program will be integrated (over the course of July) into all technical programs.
  • Migration of eligible users from Release 1 to Release 2 is planned for July, with the aim of streamlining their learning experience.

For further details on the range of programs our Quantexa Academy offers, read the following Community article: Introduction to the Quantexa Academy.


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