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IDC: Enterprise Applications Revenue Forecast to Surpass $600B in 2028


The enterprise applications market delivered solid revenue growth in 2023 as artificial intelligence (AI), and particularly generative AI (GenAI), has started to reshape the employee and customer experience of business software. According to a new report from International Data Corporation (IDC), the enterprise applications market grew 12.0% year over year in 2023 with worldwide revenues reaching $356 billion.

The integration of AI and GenAI into enterprise applications brings more intelligence, faster time to insights, and enhanced decision velocity to users. As a result, employees can have a greater reliance on enterprise software as a coworker to help solve business problems and navigate the dynamic world of change. All of this is possible with increased reliance on cloud technology as the foundation from which to innovate fast, quickly changing up the employee, customer, and partner experiences resulting in faster time to value and competitive differentiation.

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