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Gartner: CFOs Must Get Ahead of Four Enterprise AI Stalls

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Investments in AI are at an all-time high with the market set to double to $300 billion by 2027, but CFOs adopting the technology are unlikely to realize the anticipated enterprise benefits unless they mitigate four common stalls that hinder AI adoption, according to Gartner.

“Gartner has been working with 80,000 executives around the globe to figure out the right use cases, to improve data, and to get teams ready for the new era of AI,” said Clement Christensen, Senior Director Analyst, Research, in the Gartner Finance practice. “However, as enterprises continue to pursue AI we see cracks emerging: four enterprise-level organizational challenges in particular that we call the ‘AI Stalls’.”

Quantexa Dan Higgins shares some thoughts.

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