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HPE: Organizations overlook huge blind spots in their AI overconfidence

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In a research report commissioned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, nearly half (44%) of IT leaders surveyed believe their organizations are fully set up to realize the benefits of AI. The report reveals critical gaps in their strategies, such as lack of alignment between processes and metrics, resulting in consequential fragmentation in approach, which will further exacerbate delivery issues.

The report, ‘Architect an AI Advantage’, which surveyed more than 2,000 IT leaders from 14 countries, found that while global commitment to AI shows growing investments, businesses are overlooking key areas that will have a bearing on their ability to deliver successful AI outcomes – including low data maturity levels, possible deficiencies in their networking and compute provisioning, and vital ethics and compliance considerations. The report also uncovered significant disconnects in both strategy and understanding that could adversely affect future return on investment (ROI).

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