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HELP US VOTE!!! Guidewire Insurance Pitch-day Competition


Please HELP US by Voting! Quantexa is pleased to participate in the 2024 Guidewire Software Insurance Pitch-day Competition. It only take a couple of minutes. Vote here:

Finalist with the most industry votes (sponsored by Guidewire Software and PwC) will be announced on 13 May - and present their value propositions at the Insurtech Vanguards Pitch Day event on 13 June, where a Grand Prize winner will be announced.

At stake: The chance to be showcased in the Demo Theater at Guidewire Connections, attended by 3,000 top industry executives, investors, and press.

One vote per person - Click the link, scroll to Quantexa, click the Heart button. Alex Johnson speaker. Thank you in advance!

#decisionintelligence #data #Qalliancespowered

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