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Driving Adoption of the Quantexa Platform

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This article focuses on the people side of change management and driving adoption of the Quantexa platform. It offers actionable insights and a structured framework to help you navigate the challenges typically associated with technology adoption and maximize the benefits of adopting Quantexa.  

Who is this article relevant for? 

Anyone who is responsible for the overall usage of Quantexa should follow the framework outlined below from pre-implementation onwards. Collaborate with your CSM to align the framework to your timings & goals. 

The People Side of Change 

There are principally two types of change management in technology: people and IT operations. The people side of change in technology is often overlooked. This article will focus on building the skills, confidence, trust and ultimately the proficiency of users to be able to adopt new ways of working. 

In many circumstances, organizations adopt the ‘build it and they will come’ attitude, never moving beyond deployment and activation as seen in the figure below. While Quantexa is a platform that can be learned rapidly, it’s critical to focus on skills acquisition and trust building of user bases to ensure the fastest time to value possible. 

The Individual Journey 

Change happens at a personal level not an organizational level. When we think about Quantexa in the sense of a Financial Investigation Unit, each Investigator will go through their own journey to adopt the new way of working, learn it, and become proficient in it. 

Many of the uses of Quantexa are in time-dependent investigative functions, so giving individuals the tools to make sure everyone can adopt and become proficient in Quantexa as soon as possible is key. To help drive adoption for each individual that forms your user base, we’ve created the Quantexa Adoption Framework. 

The Quantexa Adoption Framework 

1. Identify User Groups (pre-implementation and continuously monitor through implementation) 

Understand and define different user groups using this checklist:  

  • What roles will use Quantexa?  
  • What are their primary tasks? 
  • How many users are there? 
  • What geography are they based on?  
  • What are their objectives as users? 

Identify & recruit  Super Users (during implementation)

Super Users (or ‘champions’) are key to supporting each user group. We recommend getting them onto the system early and involved in sprints during system design.  

  • Identify Super Users per user group – usually at a 1:7 ratio 

2. Process & Role Exploration (pre-implementation) 

Understand and assess the existing processes  

  • Shadow sessions in current state 
  • Review current exploration processes  
  • Determine the current SLAs  
  • Review hand offs between other systems 
  • Determine data requirements 
  • Consider how this translates to Quantexa 

Define and engage non-user roles  

  • Recruit change management experts from within your organization to help with adoption and advise on what has worked well for your organization 
  • Engage Senior Leadership in order to have them communicate the rationale and need to move to Quantexa to their teams  

3.  Support & Feedback (towards the end of implementation) 

Identify training needs for each user group  

  • Identify new ways of working based on output from stage two (process & role exploration) 
  • Identify Quantexa functionality needed for new processes  
  • Align training needs 
  • Communicate to build trust:  Ensure users understand the shift from manual processes to Quantexa, emphasizing its efficiency and reliability. Trust in the system grows as users grasp its functionalities, facilitating a seamless transition leading to enhanced efficiency.

Define and communicate Super User roles  

  • Assign Super Users to each user group as a lead 
  • Super Users to report back to their heads of function with feedback, updates on progress, and to give their recommendations for roll-out 
  • Set up a private Teams/Slack channel for each user group to communicate as a group 

Set up support & knowledge areas 

Set up a central area for Quantexa information, such as SharePoint, which includes the following: 

4. Up-skill & Roll-out (launch of Quantexa into production) 

Execute on training  

Ongoing Super User engagement 

  • Schedule sessions to get feedback from Super Users 

Ongoing shadowing sessions for the first few months 

  • Dip test shadow sessions to get feedback from the user base 
  • Weekly check-ins with the various teams to help with any questions or queries  
  • Monitor adoption using Quantexa User Journey Analytics  

In conclusion, prioritizing the people side of change management accelerates Quantexa adoption, delivering quicker value realization and maximizing organizational benefits. By following the Quantexa Adoption Framework, organizations can effectively navigate the challenges of change management. Through continuous support, feedback loops, and upskilling initiatives, the journey towards proficiency becomes smoother, enabling teams to maximize the platform's potential and realize tangible benefits swiftly.  

Take action today to implement these strategies for successful platform adoption by speaking with your Customer Success Manager and exploring the Quantexa Community. 

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