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KPMG - Winner Quantexa Global Partner of the Year 2024

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Announcing @Quantexa’s - KPMG as Global Partner of the Year 2024. At yesterday’s prestigious customer and partner event - QuanCon24 - held in London, Quantexa announced that Ultimate Alliance partner, KPMG was awarded, for the second year in a row – Global Partner of the Year 2024.

The award recognized their continued innovative use of data & analytics and their deep understanding of the Quantexa Decision Intelligence platform providing solutions to their customer base across Financial Services and Government sectors and across EMEA, Asia-Pac, and the US. Together, KPMG and Quantexa are co-innovated and addressed customer challenges across the areas of pKYC, Transaction Monitoring, ESG and Customer Intelligence.

The success of this Alliance is based on strong executive sponsorship and trust and a deep understanding of the Quantexa Platform both from a technical perspective and from a client outcomes viewpoint.

Many congratulations to KPMG and Karim **** – Global Head Financial Services -who accepted the award on behalf of KPMG. Join us in congratulating the entire KPMG Partnership.

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