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Sphere Maps Out Supply Chain Risks


While supply chain impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic moved into the rearview mirror in 2023, data in Sphera’s inaugural Supply Chain Risk Report shows that supply chains were vulnerable to a broad range of other risks — inflation and rising interest rates, natural hazard events and ESG-related risks such as human rights violations and labor practices among them.

With its new report, Sphera®, a leading global provider of ESG performance and risk management software, data and consulting services, aims to provide insights into the risks that impacted supply chains in 2023 — as well as their causes and consequences. The report is based on data from Sphera’s Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) software, which provides actionable insights into a multitude of potential disrupters so companies can proactively manage and mitigate supply chain risk.

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Chris Sanders weighs in with this thoughst.

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