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Data Quality Is Key Obstacle to Generative AI Adoption


read moreo overcome AI roadblocks, three in four (78%) data chiefs predict their data investments will increase in 2024 and all (100%) plan to specifically invest in data management capabilities

Informatica released the findings of its annual survey of global data leaders – CDO Insights 2024: Charting a Course to AI Readiness. The report, which canvassed 600 enterprise Chief Data Officers and other data decision makers across the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific, provides insights into generative AI readiness, key technical and organizational roadblocks to implementation and top data and data management priorities and strategies for 2024.

“Unsurprisingly, generative AI implementation and the data strategies needed to do so successfully continue to dominate bandwidth for most data leaders, regardless of region or vertical,” said Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer at Informatica. “While there remains a myriad of technical and organizational hurdles that these leaders must navigate, it’s clear investments in holistic, highly integrated data management capabilities are the key to unlock the vast potential of GenAI and empower enterprises to take full control of their ever-expanding data estates.”

Chris Eldredge, VP, Data Office at Paycor said, “AI is only as good as the data that trains it, which means for us to be a successful AI and generative AI organization we must first be a successful data and data management organization - and that will remain a top focus for us in the months ahead.” Eldredge added that while many of Paycor’s priorities from 2023 have remained relatively unchanged, they cannot ignore the meteoric rise of generative AI. “We are seeing adoption of process-specific solutions across a variety of use cases and business areas. This will, ultimately, lead to an even greater need for consistent, aligned and accurate data across the entire enterprise."

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