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Cognizant: Generative AI Could Inject $1T Into U.S. Economy Over 10 Years


In partnership with Oxford Economics, Cognizant revealed findings from its new economic impact study New Work, New World, which predicted that 90% of jobs will be disrupted in some way by generative AI (gen AI), setting the stage for a profound shift in how we approach work, productivity and economic growth. The study also found that the technology's impact will be influenced by the rate of business adoption and how quickly individuals can adapt to new ways of working.

"Our study aims to lift the curtain on the effects generative AI may have on our global workforce," said Adrian Cooper, CEO at Oxford Economics. "The research findings showcase just how quickly this technology might disrupt the trajectory of the U.S. economy, offering invaluable insights for leaders to harness its potential and adapt swiftly."

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Quantexa Vishal Marria weighs in with his thoughts.
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