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Conference Board: ESG Landscape Shifting


The center of gravity in ESG is shifting, which presents a fresh set of challenges—and opportunities—for corporate America’s CEOs, as detailed in a new report by The Conference Board.

While major institutional investors were once the most consistently vocal stakeholders driving companies’ ESG agendas, today, regulators and business partners are exerting increasing influence. At the same time, companies are facing opposition to their ESG agendas, with 61% of surveyed US firms saying “ESG backlash” will stay the same or increase in the next three years.

“As CEOs seek to integrate sustainability more deeply into their business strategy, they will face the challenge of not having their sustainability initiatives driven by generic regulatory requirements, but instead shaped by external factors such as customer demand, the state of sustainability in their industry, and the interplay of technology and sustainability,” said Merel Spierings, Senior Researcher at The Conference Board and co-author of the report.

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