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Congratulations to everyone who received the First Anniversay Badge in November 🥇

Sophie_Lyons Posts: 560 QUANTEXA TEAM

In November we celebrated the Community's first birthday, with it lots of Community members received our First Anniversary Badge!

We wanted to shine a spotlight on everyone who has officially been on the Community for a year:

@WimDelen @PhilS @Deepa_Rajagopalan @deepak_saxena @ElineVrijsen @vinayak_kale @sambasiva_rameneni @EdWise @Kelly_Wauters @RazvanTaran @sanjayKrishnan @zayaan @PaulineKetelaars @Naza_21 @Sriram @andrei_matei

Thank you for your contributions over the last year - you've helped up to create a vibrant Community with:

✍️Over 20,000 posts, take a look back through your discussions

📚Over 200 articles published in the Community Library

💡98 Ideas submitted to the Ideas Portal

👋 Over 220 members in our Solution and Industry focused Specialist User Groups

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