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Gartner: 50% of SWEL Roles Will Require Oversight of GenAI by 2023

Check out this new Gartner report insights.

By 2025, more than half of all software engineering leader (SWEL) role descriptions will explicitly require oversight of generative artificial intelligence (AI), according to Gartner.

“Outside of generative AI’s impact on technology implementation, it also changes the managerial responsibilities of software engineering leaders,” said Haritha Khandabattu, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner. “This includes those related to team management, talent management and code of ethics. Software engineering leaders will find themselves at a significant disadvantage if they do not recognize and adapt to these changes – facing the risk of being replaced by those who embrace this disruptive technology.”

Our own Parsa Ghaffari weighs in. Read more here …

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