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KPMG: Corporate Investors Look for Dedicated ESG Due Diligence Product

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With a heightened focus on sustainability reporting from investors and regulators alike, a majority of corporate investors want a dedicated ESG due diligence product that can analyze risks and opportunities, according to KPMG’s recent ESG Due Diligence Survey.

“The data speaks loud and clear: Companies and investors are increasingly integrating ESG considerations into their M&A strategies, not only because it’s the right and responsible thing to do but also because of the value implications of ESG,” said KPMG U.S. ESG and Climate Services Leader Mark Golovcsenko. “At KPMG, we stand committed to empowering organizations to navigate this paradigm shift, as sustainability is not just an aspiration but inextricably linked to value creation.”

Read more below: Our partner Tony Clark, CEO NextWave weighs in with his thoughts!

Corporate Investors Look for Dedicated ESG Due Diligence Product

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