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 🏆️ Quantexa Community awarded Best Community Design award! 🏆️ 

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We are very excited to announce that our new Quantexa Community has been recognised with the Best Community Design award by Higher Logic, the industry-leading Community platform.

The Quantexa Community, which launched 4 months ago, is a global network serving our customers, partners & prospects as their go-to place to collaborate, find information, and knowledge share about Quantexa.

Best Design Award

Higher Logic’s yearly Champions of Community awards recognise customers that are driving memorable experiences and business outcomes through the power of community. 

The award judges highlighted Quantexa’s Community purposeful approach to design, built around the member experience with an intuitive home page tailored to individual journeys.  

Additional custom design features implemented on the Quantexa Community to highlight community experiences were also key to take the Design award home. 

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