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Quantexa Community has replaced StackOverflow

As part of the broader digital experience strategy, and in an effort to align & centralise the Quantexa collaboration platforms, all current tools used for external conversations (i.e. StackOverlow & Slack) have transitioned to the Quantexa Community. This has improved and simplified Quantexa’s digital experience for our customers and partners by making it easier to find the right information at the right time.

The Community now acts as a central point for all customer collaboration and replaces StackOverflow. 

When will StackOverflow be retired?

Following the successful Community launch, customers & partners are no longer using Stack Overflow and as a result it will be retired on the 6th March.

Key Q&A has been migrated from Stackoverflow into the Community. However, if there is any content on StackOverflow you would like to retain please raise reach out to Norah & Lorena via before closure.

Why are we centralising Q&A on the Quantexa Community?

Having the vast majority of the support queries and knowledge in a single location is incredibly valuable to the company and has many benefits to our Community members: 

  • Having all Q&A in a single place makes it easier and quicker to search for answers which in turn, improves self-sufficiency and enables our customers and partners to scale at ease
  • Easy process to move Q&A from private to public areas of the Community, maximising the reach & impact of valuable content
  • Internal Community analytics on all posts which will provide key customer insights into the business and assist in identifying helpful Q&A

How will this work?

  • Since November, Customers & partners have been using the ‘Quantexa Platform’ Community Topic to raise questions
    • Employees are encouraged to answer customer questions in the ‘Quantexa Platform’ Topic but will not be able to start new discussions here
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