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🚀 QuanCon 2023 speakers announced!

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You won't want to miss our annual thought-leadership conference on Tuesday 28 February where you'll be joined by:

  • Richard Wentel, Deputy Director Public Sector Fraud Authority, Cabinet Office
  • Peter Hazlewood, Group Chief Security Officer, Prudential plc
  • Scott Nathan, Managing Director & Global Head of AML Detection and Customer Insights, Citi
  • Keith Berry, General Manager KYC Solutions, Moody's Analytics
  • Miryem Salah, CDO & Head of Transformation and Planning, Vodafone

In a series of insightful presentations and fireside chats, learn how Quantexa is partnering with organizations to ensure they can trust and maximize the value of their data with the aim of protecting, optimizing and growing their organizations.

Secure a spot for the in-person or live-stream event by registering today here.

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