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Troubleshooting Guide For Quantexa Developers

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Following the steps below will ensure we are able to help you quickly. The steps should be followed in the order presented below. If you have followed these steps, you should find that you get resolutions and responses much faster if you end up getting to the stage where you are reaching out for support, and it will also help you to build your own knowledge to avoid further issues in future.

Independent Trouble-Shooting

When troubleshooting, it is even more important than normal development to be able to iterate quickly. For Scala problems, can you extract out your problem code into a unit test? For spark, can you replicate the issue in spark-shell (ideally in a few lines)? If it’s a UI issue, make sure you are running the UI using liveRun/npm watch to facilitate rapid iteration.

Taking that into account, follow these steps:

  1. Read the error carefully – typically error messages will give you a line number in code to start your investigation.
  2. Make sure you find the first error (particularly in application logs, there can often be lots of errors after a failure, and you need to locate the first one). For spark/batch logs, could it be that an earlier batch job has failed to produce the expected input?
  3. For UI issues, try Chrome developer tools (press f12 in Chrome) to investigate further. Also consider turning on debug logging.
  4. Review the changes you have made in detail. Questions to ask yourself:
  • How could my changes be linked to the error?
  • Have I made an error in my environment or configuration setup?
  • Have I re-read any relevant instructions or documentation to check I did not miss a step or misunderstand something?
  • Have I followed a standard build/deployment process (which is known to work). If anything was customised in your build/deployment process, could that be the cause?
  • Have I tried re-starting that process to ensure I have a clean environment?
  • Have I got all the pre-requisites in place (e.g. Have previous scripts completed successfully? Are the apps running if you’re loading tasks)?
  1. If the error relates to metadata or another parquet file – have you tried opening the parquet file in an interactive shell (e.g. spark-shell or spark notebook) to review the data there and see if you can spot something wrong?
  2. Are there any recent changes from other people/teams which could be relevant – you could have a look through the history of git commits in central git repository (Bitbucket/GitLab/GitHub etc.) (make sure you select the branch you started from/rebased on).
  3. Make sure you have followed a process of Rubber duck debugging - This in combination with doing the above and articulating the problem as clearly as possible may help you solve the problem yourself. This will also be essential for formulating a good support request later.

Researching Relevant Information

  1. Search historic chats in the relevant chat systems (Slack or Teams if used on your project) – is this something someone in your team/project has come across and posted about before?
  2. Make sure you have fully read and understood the relevant areas of the Quantexa documentation site (
  3. Search the Community site for your error or other posts around the same technical topic – is there anything relevant?
  4. Have a look at any equivalent code areas which are in Project Example – can you align your code with this best practice and fix your error at the same time?
  5. If the error relates to a code package/area which is not Quantexa specific, search for your error on the internet. You could also try our documentation/support pages relating to the specific tool (eg. Spark/Elastic/Gradle). If this is an issue which has been seen before, there may be known bugs, workarounds and fixes.

Reach Out for Support in the Appropriate Channel

If you have not been able to solve your issue independently following the above steps, you can obviously ask your immediate project team. If you still can’t solve the issue, check our post “Quantexa Support Channels” to determine the appropriate route to get further support from Quantexa. 

Whichever support channel you are using (including within your team) make sure you follow the guidelines on “How to raise a good Support Request” 

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