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Welcome to Quantexa 2.3 | 2.3.0 Release Announcement

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In Quantexa 2.3, you will find:

  • Entity Store, a new component in our set of Entity Resolution capabilities;
  • Introduction of Security Model V2, a new way to manage Role-Based Access and Control within The Quantexa Platform;
  • Enhancements to Assess including Path Ranking, a new way to define paths;
  • Support for Elasticsearch 8 and Spark 3.2.

Entity Store

  • In 2.3.0, we are introducing Entity Store in beta. Before 2.3.0, all interactions with the Quantexa UI and the Quantexa Mid-tier APIs depended upon resolving Entities on-the-fly (dynamically). The Entity Store allows a persisted or materialized view of Entities to be stored in the system.
  • In this first release, the core Entity Store will load a full set of pre-resolved Entities produced by Batch Resolver, into Elasticsearch. The Entity Store can then be used by Explorer to enable querying of the underlying entities, as a Cache for Resolver to improve performance, and to support the new Entity REST API.

Security Model V2

  • We have introduced a new framework for authentication and authorization across the platform. This gives the platform greater control over the data and features that a user can access and enables easier integration with Identity Providers (IdPs).
  • End-users no longer need to interact directly with low-level Quantexa Roles. They are now able to share their work with Groups that are logical to their organizational structure. For example: UK Fraud Investigators.
  • Using a new User Management Screen, you can now provision users and Groups, collections of users that can be assigned Roles and Dynamic Privileges, to The Quantexa Platform from Identity Providers simply and easily.

Path Ranking

  • It is now possible to specify the rules for defining the relative importance of paths, a chain of Documents and Entities that connect two Nodes, when writing Network Scores with Path Ranking, which make the Network easier to analyze by signaling the most significant areas to explore further.

Dual Context Sources

  • Dual Context Sources enable scoring logic to be designed that will work in both batch and dynamic, and provides a config-based tool that generates Source steps for both pipelines. This simplifies the deployment of a build with a dual architecture.

Support for Elasticsearch and Spark

  • Quantexa now supports Elasticsearch 8 across the platform, except for Offline Indexers and Spark 3.2 is now supported across the platform.
  • Warning: Spark 3.0 is deprecated and support will be removed completely in the next release of the platform.

Spring Boot upgrade

  • Spring Boot has been upgraded to version 2.6.8. This results in faster startup times and solves a number of security vulnerabilities found in older versions of Spring Boot.

Documentation Site Glossary

Other highlights

  • For more control and flexibility when running ETL, Quantexa has has added the ability to generate Resolver Search Loader and Compound Creator scripts at the point where users define a Root Model in Data Fusion.
  • List inputs have been introduced for Entity Attribute functions, to allow for more flexibility and customizability, granting users more ways to define Entity Attributes in Data Fusion, and cater to a wider range of data models.
  • You are now able to collapse the Query Builder in Explorer. This is the next step in improving the user experience of Explorer, allowing users to focus on the results of the query.

You will find the full set of Release Notes on the Quantexa Documentation site.

If you are unable to access them, you will need to get a user with access to submit a Documentation site access request through the Quantexa Support Portal.


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