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New Blog: Using Gradle Effectively.

Dan_Pryer Posts: 1,680 QUANTEXA TEAM
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Hey all, this is just to say that there is a new article up in the Community Library about how to most effectively use Gradle, particularly when doing your Academy Tasks. Please click here to go to the page and have a read!

Below is a highly condensed summary of the key take-home messages of the article:

"TL;DR: We use Gradle to build and compile our projects with simple commands that do a lot for us in the background. Avoid doing full build commands (gradle build) unless absolutely necessary, and instead build specific components/JARs as this will be much faster. Finally, you can chain gradle commands together into one-liners to save time, e.g. you can write gradle clean build instead of having to submit these commands separately, one after another."

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