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Scala in the City 🚀

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We're thrilled to have recently hosted a Scala in the City event at our Quantexa HQ in London!

Organized by Signify Technology, this event provided a platform for passionate developers to learn, share knowledge, and network on a global scale.

What is this event 👀

Scala in the City is a regular meet-up that connects people and companies using Scala ⭐️ This is a great opportunity to connect and grow your network! The primary goal of this program is offer a platform where people can discuss everything Scala and Functional Programming related, and hear from industry contributors. We're really excited to sponsor the Scala community and help it to grow!

Who can join?

This is a fantastic networking opportunity and anyone using Scale is very welcome to join these events. You'll also have the chance to ask questions and mingle at the end of the events with food & drink provided.

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