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Community Topic Guide

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We have various Topics on the Community which are all used for different purposes. To help navigate them we've created this handy guide.

What is a Topic?

Topics are a great place to network globally and join conversations - they are the home of discussions, questions, ideas, and polls. You can follow Topics to receive notifications and to stay up to date with all the latest info.

To follow a Topic select the bell icon at the top of the page and choose if you want notifications on the Community (bell icon) or via email (tray icon):

Topic Guide

Use the statement that best represents you below to discover which Topic you're looking for.

👋 I'm new to Quantexa and want to learn more

Head to the Getting Started Topic to learn more about Quantexa and the Community.

🆘 I need support

✅ I'm looking for Developer Support.

Head to the Quantexa Platform Topic, browse other Q&A or ask a new question.

🎓 I'm in the Quantexa Academy and want to follow updates, seek support, and start/stop my VDI.

Head to the Academy Topic, in the main Academy Topic you'll find announcements, in Academy Q&A you can browse questions and seek support, and in the Academy VDI Topic you'll be able to start and stop your VDI.

📝 I'm looking to give feedback

💡 I have a new feature idea I'd like to suggest.

Head to the Ideas Portal, check if someone has already posted a similar idea or create your own.

🔎 I'd like to try & feedback on new features before they're released.

Head to the User Research Panel Topic and become a member.

📣 I'd like the latest from Quantexa

🆕 I want to stay updated with the latest Quantexa Releases.

Head to the Release Announcements Topic to find information on the latest releases, make sure you follow the Topic to stay updated when there is a new release.

📰 I'm looking for the latest news from Quantexa.

Head to the Quantexa News & Announcements Topic to see all the latest from Quantexa.

🏭 I want to learn more about Quantexa's industries and solutions and participate in discussions.

Head to the Specialist User Groups, learn more about Quantexa and connect with experts in the field.

🏆 I'd like to learn about the Community's reward program.

Head to the Get Rewarded Topic, to see more about our points, badges, leaderboards and the latest competitions.

Still need help?

Join one of our monthly Community Connect calls to receive a demo from the Community Team including where to find exactly what you're looking for.

If you have any questions comment them on this thread.

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