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The Quantexa Community is here to support and enhance your Quantexa journey and we want you to be able to make full use of the Community capabilities.

To help you on your way, we (the Community Team) host monthly sessions to show you around the Community, highlighting useful features and where you can find resources.

What you need to know 👇

The sessions will:

✅ Introduce the Community Team

✅ Include a tour of Community features: Ideation, Community Library, Specialist User Groups so you can get the maximum benefit

✅ Demo how to use Community features effectively including: how to set up email notifications, update your profile, use tags, collect points & badges

✅ Include time for questions

These sessions are not:

❌ For developer support or assistance with the Quantexa platform or Academy modules. For technical help:

  1. Try searching the Community, the info you need might already be out there!
  2. Head to the Quantexa Platform topic (for developer support) or Academy Q&A topic (for training questions) and post a new question.

Upcoming Connect Sessions:

19th July:

16th August:

20th September:

Can’t attend the session? Sign up for a Community Tour for you and your team.


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