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🔎 Data Fusion: qmodels and qentities

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Models and qmodels

Models are a type of file in Data Fusion that represents a Document in your system, such as a:

  • Customer
  • Watchlist
  • Transaction

A Model contains a collection of fields, attributes, and inputs, depending on the data in the associated Document.

Model configuration files have the extension .qmodel, such as customer.qmodel.

After loading the data, you can represent it in The Quantexa Platform as Nodes within a Network.

Entities and qentities

Entities are created by associating data Records that represent something in the real world, such as information found in Documents about an individual, address or bank account, which is then resolved to form an Entity, such as an Individual, Address, Email or Business Entity. Entities are represented in the UI as Nodes and can be changed or adjusted using Entity Lab.

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