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Welcome to Parsers 4 | Parsers 4.0.0 Release Announcement

Irene_Zhang Posts: 13 QUANTEXA TEAM

We are excited to announce the version 4.0 release of Quantexa's Standard Parsers. This release marks a shift in the way the Standard Parsers are used, and it includes an expansion of the data models so that more information is made available for use in Entity Resolution.

Here are a few of the features you’ll find in this release:

A new low-code interface

Standard Parsers are now quicker and easier to deploy and use with new, easily shareable customization options, integration with Data Fusion, and less custom code, giving better coverage of auto-migrations to support upgrades.

The setup and customization now uses configuration files, much like Data Fusion, meaning anyone can make changes without the need for writing code.

Updated Data Models

Entity Resolution can now form higher quality Entities, thanks to more information stored in our Standard Data Models at the parsing stage, so Entities have more contextual information associated with them and alignment with international standards.

Higher match rates with Variants

The introduction of Variants enables even more use cases, and lets users resolve the same Entity in more ways, in both Search and within Entity Resolution itself, so it’s possible to catch more edge cases.

You can now use out-of-the-box Variants with the `address`, `individual` and `business` data models, and even define custom Variants.

Name flexibility and internationalisation

In the global market, localizations to both individual and business names can impact the accuracy of data, so we’ve updated name structures to represent names in a wider variety of cultures more accurately to the real world, improving Entity quality.

For more detail on the new features – including contextual parsing (also known as composite parsing) and additional experimental country-specific address parsing, as well as compatibility and support with different versions of the Quantexa Platform, and other minor changes, see the full set of Release Notes on the Quantexa Documentation site.

If you are unable to access the Documentation site, please get in touch with your Quantexa point of contact or the Community team at