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Project Documentation to support you in upgrading Quantexa

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One of Quantexa's priorities is to unlock the potential of your data while enabling customers to form their own self sufficient decision intelligence capability.

Our Documentation team has outlined the requirements for upgrades, allowing customers to prioritise needs against business benefit.

This allows customers to assess through the following lenses:

  • Which functionality update would help bring value to your organisation?
  • Can additional functionality unlock other opportunities for Decision Intelligence in your organisation
  • Are there any further technical or architectural requirements to consider when planning functional upgrades?
  • How will these upgrades help with your end-user experience, or;
  • Further the technical improvements of the platform?

Where can you find this information? 📚️

As the Quantexa Releases are announced, the Documentation site explains the functional and non-functional updates, how they work, and how to implement the upgrades.

Quantexa can demonstrate the functional updates and discuss the benefits and effort requirements in order to help you plan out your platform roadmap, for your current needs or those you may have in the future. We are here to support you in any way you need.

Additional resources

For more information and help check out our blog: So you want to perform an upgrade?

💬 Do you have any questions our thoughts around scaling/upgrades that you would like to discuss with other Quantexa customers and experts? Ask your question on the Quantexa platform Topic.

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