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Getting started with The Quantexa Platform | Documentation

James_Parry Posts: 108 QUANTEXA TEAM

If you need a better idea of what the process of setting up The Quantexa Platform involves, or if you've joined us and need a few pointers on what to do, then you'll find everything you might need in the "Getting started" section on our Documentation site. Here's a quick look at what you will find on there.

By following the following key steps, you'll be able to set up and run a development environment of the platform locally, and explore the next steps for continuing your project.

To get started, complete the tasks detailed on the following pages:

1) Supported software and versions

Depending on the version of the platform being setup, the platform supports specific versions of third-party software to deliver the best user experience and flexibility. Checking which apply to you and having them ready before you begin is a crucial first step to lay the groundwork for a quick and efficient implementation.

2) Build and run tools overview

To both build and run the platform, different software is either essential or recommended as best practice. The software required will be different for installations before version 2.0.0. You'll also find a selection of useful tools which might make local development even easier.

3) Setting up a development environment

Once the groundwork is complete, the setup process itself is split into getting the source code and setting up the essential supporting services like etcd, Elasticsearch and the database you'll be using. You'll find the process for setting up each in this section.

4) Using a development environment

With everything installed and configured, all that remains is to actually boot it up and make sure it's working properly. It begins with a few simple commands and ends with confirming the application ran correctly by checking a simple message appears.

5) Next steps

As you reach the end of the setup process, there are various sources of information provided which can give more detail on what you see in the user interface and other useful resources, including examples and best practice.

You can find full details on each step of the process on our Documentation site. If you are unable to access it, you will need to get a user with access to submit a Documentation site access request through the Quantexa Support Portal.

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