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 📚️ New blog! Introducing the Latest Quantexa Module: QPython

Lorena_Seco Posts: 183 QUANTEXA TEAM
edited February 2023 in Getting Started

In one of our latest blogs, our wonderful product owner, @Anastasia_Petrovskaia introduces Quantexa's latest module, QPython.

This platform module provides a pythonic interface to Quantexa to enable data scientists to work in a language that is more natural to them. The module consists of a library of functions that allows extracting entities and networks created by Quantexa, analyzing them, so that data scientists can create, train and deploy network context-based machine learning (ML) models - while keeping their work within Python.  

There are multiple ways Quantexa users can benefit from the QPython module. Read the full blog here:

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Let us know your thoughts on QPython by commenting below 😊

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