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How to raise a good support request

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Preparing to Request Support

In order to request support you should have already been through the steps mentioned in “Troubleshooting Guide for Quantexa Developers”. 

You will then need a concise description of your problem with enough detail for someone providing support to get back to you with suggestions without lots of back and forth (they may be in a different time zone).

Security of Information 

You should always be careful to avoid contravening any data security policies. Typically you will need to make sure you have removed any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from any data shared as part of a support request (Logs/screenshots/error messages).  

Details to Include

  • Clearly explain what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve (why) and what you expected to happen. 
  • What you’ve tried to solve the issue already and a summary of any relevant information you gathered as part of your independent troubleshooting (eg. Links to documentation or previous support requests) 
  • Issue Type: Help in understanding an error/Report a potential bug/Advice on development approach for adding a feature 
  • Quantexa Version (be as specific as possible (e.g., rather than 1.5). If using incubators/datapacks code then note the version of this may differ from your Quantexa Platform version. 
  • Any other relevant component version details e.g. Elastic Search, Spark, Database 
  • Environment: UAT/Prod/Dev - this can help when we want to suggest things to try as often prod is locked down so you may not be able to perform some operations. Has the issue been replicated in multiple environments? 
  • If something has broken, when did it last work as expected. Anything relevant you’re aware of that has changed since it last worked  
  • As an example, a common issue that has been seen is that a support request has omitted an important side detail (like changing a database password) 
  • Obviously, include any error messages, with the full stack trace of the relevant logs, ensuring you have found the first error message. As mentioned above, make sure you remove any sensitive data 
  • Describe any non-standard setup/config you’re aware of.  
  • Where applicable, add screenshots/GIFs to show the problem (again, subject to redacting any sensitive data) 
  • ScreenToGif - Record your screen, edit and save as a gif or video can be a good app to easily display the issue (e.g. in UI). If recording is more than a few seconds then recording a video is preferable because long GIFs can be hard to follow. 

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