Starting a thread to share some of the interesting, uncommon and maybe even a little bit weird Insurance Fraud stories we have seen & heard as well as discussing evolving new threats.....better awareness= better detection & prevention!!

I know for a fact @shyamb has got a funny life insurance one, @Alex @Holly @Ross @Arnaud @Jamie @Clark @ivan- what have you got?? :)



  • Shyam_Bhatt
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    My favourite fraud story (out of many) is where a leading insurer received a life insurance claim.

    Allegedly an individual went to a foreign country to get treatment but passed away whilst there. The documentation received from the hospital was genuine, including the death certificate.

    However, the investigator scanned the fingerprints on the death certificate...and identified the alleged claimant's fingerprint!

    Needless to say - the claimant was found out, and it subsequently transpired that he had paid a hospital doctor in this country to forge the documentation (including death certificate) needed to make the claim which was for a substantial amount of money.