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FAQ: I'm trying to run a script and seeing an error about "Unrecognized option: -s"

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FAQ relevant for: all Academy versions

If you are trying to run a Scala script (e.g. ImportRawToParqet) and you see the above mentioned error, the main cause of this is that the program can't find the relevant JAR file to run. You may also get an error saying something like "<jar name>.jar not found" or "jar <jar name> does not exist, skipping."

The solution to this error is to build the relevant JAR file(s) as specified in the Spark Shell script that you tried to run the Scala file with. For example, in the "" script of the academy task project, you will see that this requires two JARs: the data-source-all Project and Dependency shadow JARs. By building these two JARs and verifying that they are in the correct location and have the correct name to match the full file paths in the relevant Spark Shell script, this should fix the issue.

Let us know in a new post if the above solution didn't fix the issue for you!

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