What Siri / Alexa Will Never Do for customer experience


I came across this article today and thought it was interesting. https://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/six-things-commentary/what-siri-and-alexa-will-never-do

A pertinent quote "Quite simply, I don't trust my Echo to act on my behalf. I expect Alexa to act on behalf of Amazon, its creator and manager."

Clearly there is a place for chatbots and voice assistants. However the balance between customer self-service, straight through processing, automated and human decisions is going to be key. And the way this works isn't in the technology of a voice or chat bot alone. It is in the data that serves the next action of that.

That data and insight can only come from truly understanding that customer, which can surely only come from having a holistic and trusted view of that person/organisation across your enterprise insurance enterprise and then enabling that to be accessed by decision models, AI systems as well as human operators and handlers in a consistent and joined up manner.... For us that is what decision intelligence is all about.

Interested to here all your views :)



  • Shyam_Bhatt
    Shyam_Bhatt Posts: 19 QUANTEXA TEAM

    Really interesting @Alex - I think one thing to consider will be if there is an avenue for people to make claims / incept policies via Voice Assistants like Google/Alexa/Siri etc. - it would be interesting to see firstly how many people take that offer up and what controls are put in place.

  • Areefih_Ghaith
    Areefih_Ghaith Posts: 10 QUANTEXA TEAM

    I worked on a project building voice for Insurance, with a company called Rabbit & Pork. You could check your policy details, ask to make a claim, request a call back etc. A great way to reduce accessibility problems in Insurance, for example vulnerable or elderly customers who perhaps struggle with portals to get to their docs and therefore have no idea whether they are over or under insured if they have perhaps just let a policy roll.

    The problem is not the voice tech however, its the access to the data that makes things difficult!!

    (I still refuse to get an Alexa, I can't bear to feel i'm being listened too)

  • Alex_Johnson
    Alex_Johnson Posts: 43 QUANTEXA TEAM

    Great points @shyamb and @Areefih ! Agree.

    We can sometimes see a lot of promise placed on point technologies without the thinking around how they integrate seamlessly to the ecosystem (e.g. the core administration, customer data and insights systems around the business) as well as how they may in fact lead to increased silos of decision making and business process if they aren't joined up to a centralised and trusted view of customer.

    Food for thought for insurance organisations for sure. Read more about how a centralised view of customer can empower this type of personalisation here: https://www.quantexa.com/blog/hyper-personalization-insurance/

    Or how you look at the importance of reliable data here: https://www.quantexa.com/blog/data-quality-importance/