Congratulations to everyone who has received a User Research badge 📋

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The Quantexa User Research Program gives you the opportunity to directly collaborate with our Product department and provide feedback to us by taking part in early access testing of new features, product interviews, and surveys.

What's in it for you?

• Connect directly with Quantexa experts
• Get early access to hear what we're working on
• Have your say and help improve the Quantexa platform
• Directly influence the Quantexa roadmap

You can also earn two badges; the User Research Panel Member badge and the User Research Participant badge. These badges will help you to climb the Community leaderboards and earn prizes.

The User Research Panel Member badge (left) and the User Research Panel Participant badge (right)

Today we're shining a spotlight on everyone who has received one (or both of these badges):

@gabi @mattm @gouravsontakke @Jay @OliverCadman @Paul_Weststrate @CVH @ism_wklim @Krishnaaa2020 @Dragana @jaimon_mohanan @anuragrrajan @Kirti18 @nagacharann @Shivangi_Jaiswal @Paul_Zablowski @Steven_Hepburn @spopat @Chase @Gerry @Yoo @mguo @Korosh @Priyank_Patel @Lakshman @BhuvneshG @deveshkchaubey @RaviChamarthi @Krishna @darka @AGRIN @Arkadiusz

Thank you for your participation in the Quantexa User Research Program!

Haven't earned these badges yet?

Why not join the User Research Panel and participate in a piece of feedback such as: