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Join the Quantexa Team on 12th June to talk Maximizing the Value of Community Support

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About the event

Join the Quantexa Team on 12th June to discuss the best practices for raising a support request ensuring you're getting maximum value from the Community!

On the agenda:

  • 🔎 How to search the Community effectively: The answer you're looking for might already be out there
  • 🐛How to debug yourself: Common steps you can take to try solving the issue yourself, presented by @Rosie_Randall
  • 🗺️Where to raise support requests: A short demo of the best place to raise your request depending on the information you require
  • ✅How to write a good support request: How to create a clear request, what information to always include, how to utilize the Community text editor
  • 💡Tips & tricks to ensure you get the answer you're looking for ASAP: Including rejecting answers, marking best answers, asking the Community
  • 💬 Q&A: Join for live Q&A, you can also submit questions in advance by leaving them in the comments below or sending them to

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After the event you will receive the Event Attendee badge + 50 points to help you climb our leaderboard and win prizes.

The event will be recorded and uploaded to the Community for anyone unable to attend.

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