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Using Data Viewer for the first time

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To explore setting up Data Viewer in the Investigation UI, read our article Using Data Viewer for the first time (login required).

So what’s Data Viewer all about?

Data Viewer allows you to view data in a tabular format in an Investigation UI. You can select a node in Investigation UI and Data Viewer displays the related data of that node in a table.

Why is the feature useful?

The Data Viewer is particularly useful when viewing and examining a large amount of data.

The Data Viewer presents the data in the Results table, instead of showing each record as a node or icon and cluttering the Investigation Network UI. Unlike the legacy Transaction Viewer, the new Data Viewer is not limited to displaying transaction-like data. Typical data being displayed in a Data Viewer:

  • Raw transaction data
  • Customer entrance registry (or any manual logs)
  • Customer data change history
  • Loan application history
  • Products or services

The full article discusses other capabilities offered by Data Viewer, implementation, design considerations, and more tips for using Data Viewer for the first time.

Read here:

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