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📢 New Education Programs Launch 🚀: Scala & Spark Bootcamp and Data Engineer Velocity Program

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Quantexa are delighted to announce the release of the Quantexa Data Engineer Velocity and Scala and Spark Bootcamp Programs. They have been designed to significantly reduce the time taken to obtain Quantexa Data Engineer and Scoring Engineer Certifications.

💻💡 Scala & Spark Bootcamp

Duration: 5 Days

An in-depth Instructor-led program designed to enable candidates with a background in programming to successfully complete the Scala and Spark Assessment, the pre-requisite entry point to the Data and Scoring Engineer Academies, within a 5-Day period.

💻🏆 Quantexa Data Engineer Velocity Program

Duration: 30 Days

A program that is designed to enable candidates to successfully gain the Data Engineer Certification within 30 Days via the incorporation of a set of Velocity Workshops at key stages of the education program.

📅 Delivery Format: The programs are offered as both private and publicly scheduled events, based on interest.

📧 Event Scheduling Enquiries: Interested parties should contact their respective Quantexa Alliances, Quantexa Customer Success representative or alternatively our Xander Talent Education Partner representative Molly Hutcheon via ⁠

For further details about these programs please see our Introduction to the Quantexa Academy Article.

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