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Quantexa & Xander Talent - New Education Partnership

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Driving the creation of COEs for customers and partners to enable them to leverage Decision Intelligence (DI) technology via accelerated learning programs and talent provision. 

Quantexa, a leader in Decision Intelligence (DI), and Xander Talent, a top digital talent consultancy, are excited to announce a strategic educational partnership. This collaboration marks a key milestone in driving industry innovation and talent development. 

Achieving unicorn status in early 2023, Quantexa is now enhancing its educational offerings to empower customers and partners, fostering self-sufficiency in the ever-evolving decision intelligence landscape. This partnership represents our commitment to providing cutting-edge educational resources and nurturing exceptional talent in the technology sector.

Additionally, this new educational capability enhances our Quantexa Partner Program by adding a new partnership category, Quantexa Education Partner, for expanded knowledge share capabilities to partners. 

The Quantexa Academy is enhancing its educational programs through a partnership with Xander Talent. This collaboration is a key part of our continuous effort to strengthen partner support and increase customer self-sufficiency.

It represents an important extension of the reach and effectiveness of Quantexa’s educational initiatives. We are excited to work with an innovative company like Xander Talent, confident that together, we will drive innovation for our customers and partners. 

Oliver Butler, Head of Education Services, Quantexa

We are excited to partner with Xander to help us scale our strategic education initiatives. We see this partnership as a key contributor to driving customer and partner self-sufficiency and quickly mobilising decision intelligence centers of excellence.

Christel Wolthoorn, CEO, Xander Talent

Xander is thrilled to become a Quantexa Education Partner. This is a true partnership in every sense of the word, as Xander certified Academy Team Leads will be fully integrated into the Quantexa Academy program to work along Quantexa’s own Academy Team Leads and by doing so increase the value of the contribution that we make to the success of Quantexa’s customers and partners.

Sheryl Wharff, VP Global Alliance Marketing, Quantexa

We are thrilled to add Xander as our first Education Partner, expanding our Quantexa Partner Program announced in 2022.  Providing new delivery methods, which enable our Quantexa Partners to learn to deliver our Decision Intelligence technology in a faster-time-to-value model, is the way we will further grow and expand our “Partner First” company objectives.

🤝Partnership Scope

💻💡 Scala & Spark Bootcamp

Duration: 5 Days

An instructor-led program designed to enable candidates with a background in programming to successfully complete the Scala and Spark Assessment, the pre-requisite entry point to the Data and Scoring Engineer Academies, within a 5-Day period. 

For further details about the Scala Prerequisite Assessment please see our Scala Prerequisite Assessment for Quantexa Certification Academies Article.

💻🏆 Data Engineer Velocity Program

Duration: 30 Days

This program is designed to enable candidates to successfully gain the Data Engineer Certification within a focused 30-Day period via a set of Velocity Workshops at key stages of the education program. 

💡 Xander’s Talent Engine

An additional partner enablement and customer self-sufficiency component of Xander’s business model is to provide a service that allows Xander’s top performing talents to be embedded within partner and customer teams – initially as consultants, and then, potentially, as full-time employees.  

In this way organisations can take advantage of Xander pre-certified Quantexa Data Engineers, Scoring Engineers, and Technical Business Analysts, to help them build out their Quantexa project teams.  


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