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Which Quantexa 2.6 feature is most valuable to you?

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We're delighted to announce Quantexa 2.6 is now available 🎉

📊Let our team know which feature is most valuable to you by voting in the poll below📊

This release includes further enhancements to our Graph Analytics capabilities with Knowledge Graphs now being available as an Experimental feature and our Graph API entering Early Access availability. These capabilities which will greatly enhance how Data Scientists and Engineers can uncover insights in highly-connected data and build and query graphs more efficiently.

Other updates include:

  • Explorer Configuration through the UI which reduces the skillset needed to set up and design Explorer for specific use cases and user requirements
  • Mirror Alerting that identifies duplicated risks and reduces the number of alerts in Correspondent Banking and Retail AML scenarios
  • We also now meet the stringent vulnerability management requirements outlined in NIST 800-53, an industry-leading cybersecurity standard. This grants you and your Information Security team greater control over the vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure

Find the full details of this release below and follow our Release Announcements topic to be notified of every release:

Which Quantexa 2.6 feature is most valuable to you? 9 votes

Uncover insights in highly-connected data with Q Knowledge Graph [Experimental]
Sophie_LyonsSophieRoyPenchalareddy 3 votes
Build and query Graphs quickly and easily with the new Graph API [Early Access]
Angel_AllianzJames_BruceakashtantriEnrico_Spataro 4 votes
Vulnerability Management
Carlos_Moran 1 vote
Configure Explorer through the Quantexa User Interface (UI)
Reduce duplication and lighten workload with Mirror Alerting
aditya_verma 1 vote
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