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Which session are you most looking forward to at QuanCon?

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Vote below on which session you are most looking forward to at QuanCon!

And in case you missed the details.. Join us on March 12, 2024

  • Time: From 6 pm (GMT) / 1 pm (EST)
  • Location: At The Brewery in London and virtually across the globe
  • More information: QuanCon24

Reserve your spot today and learn how you can use data, AI, and Decision Intelligence to elevate every business decision. Bring back to your organization valuable lessons learned and ground-breaking strategies from the first movers across different industries and Quantexa's own experts and partners. 

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Which session are you most looking forward to at QuanCon? 8 votes

Maximizing The Value of Your Organization’s Data
Sophie_LyonsLigia_Fumaneri 2 votes
Improving Patient Care With Data-Driven Decisioning
Sian_AyresStephanie_Richardson 2 votes
Tackling Financial Crime and Fraud In The Era Of AI
Partner Of The Year Awards
Quantexa’s Product Roadmap Vision and Decision Intelligence Technology Previews
Norah_AlsudaniAngel_AllianzOliverCadmanJay 4 votes
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