Congratulations to everyone who has received the Best Answer badge ✅

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When a question is solved we ask Community members to select the 'Best Answer' so it pins to the top of the thread. This helps to keep the Community easy to navigate and other members can quickly see the answer to the query.

This month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on everyone who has had their answer marked as the Best Answer:

@William_Lee @srinithyee @gurupkarnam_31 @ElineVrijsen @Elil @calvin_zhou @liviugsna @Snoop @Xia @mariotawfelis @ankitnaudiyal @rahul_kushwaha @MosesO @KMBHillier @AndrewBirch @Naresh_Sangayya @Łukasz_1 @Anurag_Varnwal @OliverCadman @Kelly_Wauters @PaulineKetelaars @eveValenzuela @CTorrington @Ricardo_Lora @Shareen @zainu_shiraz_12 @anthonyH

Whether you solved your own query or another members, thank you for sharing your knowledge with the Community!