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Welcome to Parsers 4.1 | Release Announcement

Irene_Zhang Posts: 13 QUANTEXA TEAM
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We are excited to announce the release of version 4.1 of Quantexa's Standard Parsers. This release focuses on improving the integration with Fusion UI (look out for exciting 2.6 release announcements coming soon) and improvements of the file structure of configuration files.

This release includes the following highlights, which are detailed below.

Consistency of configuration files - general improvements to Parser and lexicon configuration and files have been introduced to make sure the way you use these files is consistent across all available Parsers. This will make your configuration easier to understand and simplify the process of making future modifications.

To minimise redundant data storage in Elastic Search, you can now exclude business standardisation terms that aren’t used in areas such as exclusions for Entity Resolution. Similarly, you can now choose to parse multiple names or just a single name for the Individual Parser to reduce your Elastic Search footprint.

For the Telephone Parser you can now specify conditional parsing rules to increase the output accuracy. For example, if you have more specific parsing rules for UK telephone numbers, you can now use country code to parse these telephone numbers differently to the default telephone parsing behaviour.

Note: There are no changes in this release that affect the output of parsing.