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Accenture | Quantexa: pKYC Podcast

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Listen to our new Podcast! Disparate data sources and missing context slows decision making and leads to lost opportunities that could maximize your business operations with transformational and evolutionary solutions. To combat this challenge, leading organizations are building contextual Decision Intelligence (DI) into their firms. By leveraging a new generation of decision intelligence, operational teams can make faster, more accurate decisions.

Experiencing a single view of data that is enriched with vital intelligence about the network relationships between people, organizations, and places brings big benefits. Namely, more data, higher accuracy, better analytics, stronger connections, more automation, renewed trust, better tools, and more accurate answers!
Join Accenture and Quantexa to listen to this Outlook Series podcast on pKYC to learn more …

Outlook Series | Dave Woods, Director of AI Risk & Compliance with Accenture & Ray O'Brien, COO at Quantexa | Transformational Decision Intelligence Solutions

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