🎄Day Three of the Christmas Badge Hunt: Vote for the Community 🌟🎁

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✨ Embrace the spirit of the season and embark on a merry quest! Each day, unwrap a new virtual badge to add to your collection.

🏆 At the end of the month, the member with the most badges will be crowned our Christmas Champion and take home an exciting prize of Community branded goodies! 🎉

🔍 Keep your eyes peeled on the Community or by bookmarking this tag #12Days for daily clues and hints to find the hidden badges. Spread the joy, connect with fellow participants, and let the festive competition begin! 🎊

May your December be filled with cheer, badges, and the joy of the season! 🌟 Happy hunting! 🏆

The third badge to collect is…

Our third badge for you to collect is the Community Voter badge. We've been nominated in the 'Best New Community' and 'Executive Leader of a Community' categories in the CMX awards. Vote for us and then comment on this post once done to receive the badge.

To Vote: Simply click this link and scroll down to the 'Best New Community' &  'Executive Leader of a Community Team' to place your votes:

Badges can be collected in any order so don't worry if you've found this competition on day 11, simply click the 12Days tag and find all the badges to collect.

*Terms and conditions apply. Non-UK-Based Participants will receive a £25 Amazon voucher (equivalent in local currency). If more than one member has collected all the badges within the time frame, a winner will be chosen at random by the Quantexa Community Team. Competition runs from 1st December 2023 until 31st December 2023(GMT) only badges collected within this time-frame will be counted. To accept their prize the winner must respond via email within seven days. Prizes subject to availability. Not open to Quantexa employees.


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    Just dropped you all a vote, best of luck with it! 🤞

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    Just voted, good luck!!🍀

  • gabi
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    Done :)