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Capgemini: Software Based Revenues Expected To Quadruple By 2030

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Generative AI is accelerating transformation towards a new software-led era: 72% of organizations plan to use it to assist with software engineering in the next year.

Software is re-defining the next era of business and will make an outsized contribution to revenues by 2030, according to Capgemini Research Institute’s latest report “The Art of Software: the new route to value creation across industries”. Organizations expect their software-based revenue to grow to 29% by 2030, up from 7% in 2022. Across industries, software and software-enabled technologies such as cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), high performance networks (including 5G), and AI/ML are accelerating innovation and research & development (R&D) for products and services, crafting personalized customer experiences, introducing new revenue streams and business models, and reducing costs.

According to the research, organizations across all industries are re-defining themselves as software companies, transitioning away from traditional hardware-centric business. Read more in this blog.

Quantexa's @Shivani_Jaswal weighs in with her thoughts.

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