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Core Library: 400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

SerenaSkov Posts: 27 Enthusiast

I am trying to access the core library, I have had no issues with it before but the last month or so after logging in I just get this message. I have cleared my cookies but still get the same response? Any help is appreciated.



  • Kayla_Bushweiler
    Kayla_Bushweiler Posts: 77 QUANTEXA TEAM

    Hi @SerenaSkov! Please try opening in incognito mode to confirm if it's a cookie/caching issues. If you can access in incognito mode (e.g. Ctrl + Shift + N to open an incognito window in Chrome), then you'll want to try clearing both the cookies and the cache for

  • SerenaSkov
    SerenaSkov Posts: 27 Enthusiast

    Hi @Kayla_Bushweiler that seemed to work - but I cleared my caches in my chrome browser so not sure why it still isn't responding?

  • Kayla_Bushweiler
    Kayla_Bushweiler Posts: 77 QUANTEXA TEAM

    @SerenaSkov unfortunately that happened to me as well and I ended up clearing everything for all time (cookies and browsing data) and was then able to login as normal again.

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