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Google Banking Survey: C-Suites & Boards More Involved in Tech Decisions with AI

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New research explored the sentiment towards generative AI (gen AI) in banking among North American banking executives and consumers. The study, based on a survey of 350 banking executives responsible for genAI decisioning and more than 2,000 banking consumers in the United States, found broad interest in gen AI technologies as a way to improve operations and the customer experience, while some barriers and risks remain.

The majority (92%) of banking executives stated there is high demand for gen AI within the banking industry, with 95% stating it has the potential to transform the industry. Increased interest in gen AI is driving senior leadership, like C-suite executives and boards of directors, to get more involved in technology and IT decisions, according to almost all banking respondents (96%).

Quantexa's Parsa Ghaffari weighs in: Google Banking Survey: C-Suites and Boards More Involved in Tech Decisions Due to Heightened Interest in Gen AI

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